Business and Industry Careers Tips & Links

Through this page, students can explore a selection of business and industry that are regularly active in the market to employ university graduates.

It is important that our students endeavour to develop relationships with business and industry whilst studying and NOT wait until graduation to build their relationships with business and industry. Relationships can be established through gaining internship opportunities while studying.

Hot Tip !! It is not a bad idea to start talking with business & industry while still at school. Not sure what to ask?? Questions to ask Business & Industry

Being aware of individual business and industry requirements that can be just as important as your qualification, can also assist when our students begin to engage with individual business and industry. These requirements are often stated through:

  • A company vision or mission statement
  • Within a company’s career page (sample image shown below)
  • Can be sought through direct contact and spoken dialogue with a company human resources division or individual

For example: On the CISCO Careers Homepage …… this is what you will see (dated 19/04/18

CISCO Homepage Picture.png

This is  a strong clue on some of the core personal values which are in addition to skills, knowledge and talents, that CISCO are seeking. CISCO seek a unique, talented person who wants to work as part of a team.   

To explore a range of other business & industry that are active in recruitment of graduates, please visit Grad Australia  or to seek careers advice, please CLICK HERE

Australian Government Departments


NSW Government Departments

When thinking of applying for any NSW Government Jobs, please first refer to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework to see what personal attributes you need and also other key factors needed and other vital information.