Career Discovery

Calrossy Careers routinely seeks interesting stories and features to offer our students interesting insights into the world of careers. These may include:

  • Feature articles on future industries
  • Helpful tips and hints
  • Insights which interest our students


Artificial Intelligence, what is the future of smart machines, smart computers and jobs? What jobs will be or wont’t be replaced? To discover more, watch the video titled…….  Rise of the machines: What jobs will survive as robots move into the workplace?

The Australian Computer Society Interactive Career Wheel, a brilliant resource for any student interested in careers in computer technology including creative software development, data spaces – the lot !! ACS Interactive Career Wheel CLICK HERE

Ever dreamed of working on a luxury yacht? CLICK HERE to find out more 

NSW Rural Doctors Network, General Practitioners Factsheet CLICK HERE

University of NSW Health Careers Kit, with details on special entry schemes into university for rural students, special general admission schemes and scholarships and much more… CLICK HERE

Do you have an interest and a real zest for art & design? Check out the Art & Design Education Resources Guide CLICK HERE 

This video is the first of a five-part series covering the key areas needed to develop a career in the film industry. Thanks to Metro Screen and includes insights and commentary by Cate Shortland, Rosemary Blight, Adrian Wills and Kristina Ceyton.

The Footnotes Website

Footnotes is a refreshingly innovative website designed for females who want to discover careers in a unique new way, aside from the old careers way. Full of feature articles and unique insights, our students will enjoy their careers discovery experience accessing materials on The Footnotes…The Footnotes Website

Brand new Career Profiler for Calrossy Students

Footnotes Personalised Career Profiler for Calrossy


Career FAQ’S Website 

Or try the Sydney Morning Herald article – October 2016

Sydney Morning Herald 10 most sought-after job skills in Australia: Sydney Morning Herald

Ignite Recruitment Agency is a large recruiting agency providing recruitment services for over 20 seperate industries. They develop a number of great posts and articles including, Jobs in Demand for 2017     Igniting your Potential – Networking Tips      Turning Your Dreams into Reality   and many more fantastic posts.

Calrossy Careers have purchased a subscription to Job Jump, providing our students with full access to a suite of careers assistance tools and resources available on the Job Jump Website. Please watch the video below to find out what Job Jump can do for our students…

Students and parents who would like to create a login to use Jobjump, please call Mr Impey on 0428 000 021.

The Good Universities Guide contains a careers exploration tool, with a search engine of over 400 different occupations. This is a very handy tool to help our students explore occupations, courses linked to the occupation and other useful information. Discover your career interest through… Good Careers Guide Occupation Search

New Training Services NSW Job Guides are a neatly presented summary of common occupations which are accessible through a vocational career pathway

Job Jumpstart Website 

Tips and ideas about jobs and careers in the one spot, and Australian Government Initiative, to visit this new site, please click here: JOB JUMPSTART  

MySkills Website

My Skills website is the national directory of vocational education and training (VET) organisations and courses. It is a federal government initiative to enable people to search for, and compare, Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses and training providers. This site contains information relating to industries where VET training pathways exist, funding for courses, videos supporting real training stories and skills in demand information. My Skills Website

Calrossy Students can look through  orange of lists, each giving an insight into occupations experiencing national skills shortages, which may be a guide into future job prospects, to access these lists, please click on the following sources:

Trades: National Trades Skills Needs List

National Skills Shortages (professions and trades) Skills Shortage List Australia

Skilled Occupations List (SOL) A window into current skills needs, can be seen through the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) produced by the Australian Government Department of Immigration & Border Protection. This list contains occupations that organisations have difficulty with recruiting skilled people and those organisations have relied on skilled overseas workers to fill their vacancies. The Department relies on the feedback of a large number of Peak Associations listed through the link … Skilled Occupations List

For a comparison report on skills in demand and skills shortages, The Reinvent Your Career group who host the annual national network of city based Reinvent Your Career Expos, produce an Australia’s most in demand jobs skills… Most in Demand Job Skills