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July 2017 Feature Web-Based Resource

My Big Tomorrow

My Big Tomorrow aims to inspire young people to think more broadly about their future careers. It is also designed to give them the understanding of the skills they will need in order to succeed in their chosen career.

My Big Tomorrow was developed by the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle and funded by the Commonwealth’s Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program (HEPPP). The Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education is a multi-disciplinary and practice-orientated research hub.

To access My Big Tomorrow, please CLICK HERE

Previous Feature Web-Based Resource 

Build Your Career – Get into Construction (a website hosted and developed by the Australian Constructors Association).The site offers information for students, apprentices, parents and careers advisers about construction industry career opportunities, enabling informed decisions about their futures… BUILD YOUR CAREER

The Internet contains a vast amount of information and resources available for young people to assist them with their career direction and career decision processes.

Information that is developed by government, training and educational organisations and industry providing answers to many of those questions young people ask when trying to decide what career may be for them and how to get there.

Web-Based Resources can help young people and provide them with the information they may need.  This is a guide only and the nature of the ‘world wide web’ means new sites are being developed all the time. Please do not restrict your search to this guide.

Please Note: As sites come and go, there may be sites within this list that no longer exist, they may come up as ‘URL Not Found’ or a site may no longer be current, Please see Mr Impey if you come across a site which no longer exists…

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