Information for Parents

Calrossy Careers always encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s career interest and developing ideas. Mr Impey is always pleased to make time to meet with parents and their child to discuss anything career related, please call me on 0428000021 or email me on to arrange a time before, during or after school/work to have a careers chat.   

It is important that parents are able to access enough information to help them support the interests of their child, as they make their transition from Calrossy and into adult life through their career transition. To assist with this support, Calrossy Careers have designed the Careers Pyramid, which guides parents and their children across a host of topical points and questions to help form discussion at home around the dinner table together, or with their career advisor at school.

For instance:

Parents and their child may view the Careers Pyramid if their child is still very unsure of what career interests they would like to show an interest in, the relevant stage may be ‘Personal Discovery’. They can scan across to the text on either side of the pyramid from personal discovery, across to the Self Assessment Know Yourself and/or the What’s Important to You areas to seek handy pointers on what they may chat about at home around the table with mum and/or dad or at school with the career advisor and/or teacher or in groups with friends. To further explore, the Calrossy Careers have designated tabs for each stage, which also helps to highlight the focus areas for our students and parents.

  • Personal Discovery (self-discovery, personality types, interests, abilities, hobbies, etc) The personal discovery stage helps students learn more about themselves, what their strengths and interests are and equally important, what their weaknesses are and we introduce student personal discovery to the world of careers. 
  • Career Discovery (applying the discovery of one-self and linking to what’s out there in the world of careers) The career discovery stage begins the link between our students as people and the world of careers in terms of the opportunities, the diversity and helping our students start to explore a career they will love. 
  • Pathway Discovery (taking the known career interests and establishing the pathways to get there) After discovering the careers our students will love, we work with students to develop their road map to get there. What education and training is required, where, how long, the extras along the way like taking a gap year, the internship, etc. 


The following resources will assist parents who wish to be well informed…

Parents Talking Career Choices – produced by the Australian Government, please Parents Talking Career Choices

Bullseye Subject Posters, great to help those students who have a favourite subject at school and would like to link their subject to certain careers of interest 2013_-_bullseye_booklet_update

Job Jump

Calrossy Careers have subscribed to access the full range of Job Jump resources available on the Job Jump Website. Every student in years 10 to 12 have access to their own individual login to this site, to access resources and information available. Our students can complete a questionnaire on their career interests, this system will generate individual information feeds which are automatically sent to students through their email account.   Please watch the ‘video for parents’ below to find out what Job Jump can do for our students…

Video Resources for parents

Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) video which helps explain how scaling works, and how the ATAR is calculated… (New version released by UAC coming soon)

New Follow Your Dreams with UAC Video…

In addition to the above ATAR Video, Sydney University’s Professor and Head of School for the School of Mathematics and Statistics has put together a nice resource on ‘What is the ATAR and how does it work’, which features below…

To further explore the ATAR, the University of Sydney have developed an excellent resource for our students… ATAR Explained by the University of Sydney


Explore the Macquarie University ATAR video…

ATAR Calculator (this should be treated as a general guide only, students should always aim to do their best) ATAR Calculator

UAC produce a support video and will be available to view in around mid-2018, the new video can be found right here as soon as it is released.

Steps to University for Year 11 and 12 students… UAC have a very good step by step resource that includes details on how to apply for university, CLICK HERE to see these points.

year11-12-booklet and the All-about-ATAR+uni publications