Careers Classes

At Calrossy, students can access careers services either individually across all years and/or through the Careers Classes delivered to throughout Year 10.

Classes delivered to our year 10 students cover topics including:

  • Career Quizzes and Personality Assessments

Students have the opportunities to complete a number of career guidance activities and quizzes, for a list of these quizzes, please refer to the Career Advice Homepage on this website.Career Mapping and Planning (this requires research on behalf of each student) Careers Planning & Considerations Roadmap

  • Resume building
  • Canvassing for employment
  • Employment interviews
  • Employment applications

In addition to the above topics, the students access the full suite of Jobjump Resources which contains detailed information to help students with their personal, pathway and career discovery with direct information to guide them with career exploration, subject choices, ATAR and University information, TAFE and vocational training information and jobs and employment tops and resources.

Throughout the year, we invite guest speakers from business & industry, government departments, universities, TAFE and other people who can enhance the overall career progression of our students.