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Have you seen the Job Getter Website, there’s plenty of information packed into this site. You will find:

  • Job ready tips
  • Motivational quotes
  • Volunteer insights
  • Tips at work
  • Interview outfit tips
  • Social media
  • Avoiding making mistakes at work
  • Resume tips

To find out about all of the above and more, CLICK HERE

Have you heard of the massive food company, Nestle? Nestle have produced a special ‘Tips for Jobseekers’ feature to help people with…

  • Looking for a new job
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Body language
  • First day at work

To see these excellent resources, please click here … Nestle Tips for Jobseekers

More fantastic insights through the Resumes, Cover Letters and Application Letters and Job Interviews Section in this website

Being Work Ready: A Guide to what Employers Want

Today many employers are looking for potential employees to have more than a qualification – they want them to be ‘work ready’.
The Business Council of Australia developed Being Work Ready: A Guide to What Employers Want to assist senior high school students and people helping them (family, teachers and career counsellors), to better understand what ‘work readiness’ means from a business perspective.
The guide which is outlined through the videos below, outlines the minimum expectations a business has of someone’s work readiness when they apply for a job. These expectations are classified as values, behaviours and skills.
It also summarises the views of business about the responsibilities different groups – business, education system, family, government or individuals – have for developing work readiness.

The Business Council of Australia have also put together a booklet, which further expands on what employers want, please access this guide through here…being-work-ready-guide

The Australian Business Chamber have a number of tips on job hunting, resume & cover letters and interview preparations, and a Jobs Board to find apprenticeships and traineeships HERE

For more useful tips on how to apply for a job during High School, please visit the Adzuna Australia page to find out more… How To Apply For A Job During High School