Resumes, Cover and Application Letters and Job Interviews

Whether job searching for the first time as a 14 year old school student seeking casual work, or a mature person looking for a career change, there are a number of essentials you’ll need before going out to search for that dream job.

As a general rule, (sometimes there may be subtle variations) you will need the following in your ‘job searching kit bag’

  1. Know exactly what type of work you’re interested in seeking, click on this link…
  2. Prepare your resume and type it? Resumes should be a representation of you, what you’ve done in the past, what you are doing now and should highlight your best talents and skills. To help you with building your first resume and find the content, please refer to this link…Resume Content Sourcing Information For more tips on creating a resume, please view the Career One Resume Writing – Australian Style for more hints and ideas to help, plus a video to view.
  3. Choose your resume, either one of the versions below resume-1, 2, 3 or 4, or other versions you may like (Note: a conservative or simple approach towards the visual presentation of your resume may be the best approach) resume-1   resume-2   resume-3   resume-4
  4. You may require a cover letter or an application letter, which like your resume will need to to be prepared and typed. This link contains samples and will help you prepare a cover letter or application letter and explain the difference between them… Job Searching Kit Bag (application-canvassing-letter)
  5. Prepare for your canvassing (Remember the 3P’s –  Prior Preparation, Presentation and Positive Attitude)…  the-3-ps
  6. A selection of sample interview briefs including questions and points employers look for in the applicant… Interview Briefs
  7. To help prepare for your interview or meeting with an employer, read through this check list of interview ‘do’s and don’ts… Interview Do’s and Don’ts

The documents linked with each of the above points explain and expand on important items you will need to be familiar with before you go out to job search……..

The Australian Veterinary Association have created a sample resume and cover letter designed for someone who is re-entering the workforce after some time away, but gives our students some further tips on constructing a resume and cover letter.  CLICK HERE

Cummins South Pacific have a number of fantastic interview and resume tips, for those tips, please CLICK HERE

Fitness Careers have a number of great tips on cover letters and resumes, interview tips and some great information on running a fitness business, CLICK HERE

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways have created some very useful tips and pointers for the application and the interview, CLICK HERE

For more useful tips on how to apply for a job during High School, please visit the Adzuna Australia page to find out more…Applying For A Job During High School

In some cases, the potential employer may ask you to complete an aptitude test, to find practise aptitude tests, some to buy, some are free, please VISIT HERE – the Practice Aptitude Tests website