Pathway Discovery

  • Pathway Discovery (taking the known career interests and establishing the pathways to get there) After discovering the careers our students will love, we work with students to develop their road map to get there. What education and training is required, where, how long, the extras along the way like taking a gap year, the internship, etc. 

In this section, our students will find multiple tabs containing information to guide them while at school, details to help discover and make informed choices on gap years, university, other education pathways like private colleges, trades, TAFE, other vocational training options and ultimately employment. Our students can also find career expo and open day information to support their pathway discovery efforts.

Our Calrossy Students will ultimately choose a career path which is individual to them, based on their individual interests, talents, inspirations and passions. Their career can take them anywhere from ‘local to global‘.  Their transition options include:

  • University University Open Days across Australia
  • Vocational Training including TAFE or Private Colleges
  • An Apprenticeship
  • A Traineeship
  • Full time employment
  • Combination of full time employment and training
  • Gap year

To find out more, look through the tabs available under the ‘Pathway Discovery’ heading, which are:

  • While at School
  • Gap Years and Overseas Information
  • Entry into Universities & Other Tertiary Options
  • University & College Homepage’s & News
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • TAFE
  • Employment
  • Career Expos
  • Open Days

The Career Industry Council of Australia CICA have put mums and dads to the test to see what they know about Vocational Education & Training (VET). Every parent wants to see their child succeed in all aspects of their life, including choosing the right career path. What parents do for a living; where they live; their education, knowledge and skills; what they earn; and how they spend their time and money, have a huge influence on their child’s career decision making. So lets see what mums and dads do know through the videos below…

TAFE vs University….. that is the Question?? The results may surprise you… 

Report released by McCrindle and commissioned by the Skilling Australia Foundation