While At School

When students leave school, they will begin their transition beyond school life, which may include study, travel, employment or any combination of those.

Whether a Calrossy School graduate decides to study, travel or seek employment, they will be competing against others for opportunities to undertake any of the previously mentioned options. Students can choose to participate in activities and experiences while at Calrossy which will give them skills and attributes that help improve their prospects when seeking study, travel and/or work.

Some examples of these activities or experiences include:

  • Be involved in activities offered at Calrossy
  • Play a sport
  • Join a local volunteer group
  • Become a part of a performance or creative arts group Hot Tip: if you are interested in a career in creative industries after school, start building your personal experiences up (known as a personal portfolio) while at school. For example: join the Tamworth Musical Society and be very active in productions, if you have an interest in acting or production, sound and recording or you may join a band or play an instrument and play gigs if you are interested in a career in music  
  • Choose subjects that relate to your after school training & career pathway of interest
  • Consider a VET (Vocational Education & Training) Course as part of year 11 and 12, a great way of gaining workplace skills and technical knowledge, for more information, please VISIT HERE
  • Commence a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT), this pathway will help set you up in loads of training & career pathways, to search for any school based apprenticeship or traineeship, please CLICK HERE
  • Participate in Rotary Youth Programs Rotary Youth Programs
  • Work Experience while in Year 10 (please refer to the Work Experience Tab)
  • Get involved in programs that involve an industry and school partnership, like the Google Code Jam Kickstart Program, learn more Google Program HERE


It is a great idea to start searching for scholarships, cadetships and bursaries that will interest you, while in years 11 and 12. In year 11, look at the types of scholarships you may be interested in applying for when in your final year 12, make a note of the name of the scholarship, application & closing dates and the criteria, so that when you are in year 12, you will have intimate knowledge. 

In year 12, think about applying for a different scholarship in each of your study periods, there’s no limit to how many you can apply for, so apply for as many as you can. 

Professional Cadetships Australia partner with some of Australia’s largest organisations to offer Business and Engineering & Technology Cadetships to year 12 students looking to combine university with paid work at a leading company. Click HERE to find out more

Year 12 Law interested students, apply here for the Everingham & Solomons, ‘Sir Adrian Solomons Law Bursary HERE 4 Calrossy Students have successfully applied since this bursary commenced in 1998.