Discover You

Do you know your career related strengths? Take a close look at this example of a ‘Job Clusters’ Diagram, to prompt some interests ABOUT YOU, that you may not have thought of…

Job Clusters

Jim Carey is a very well known comedian, he’s also a deep thinker and his thoughts may help us discover more about ourselves. This video is full of questions we can ask ourselves, think of ourselves and discover ourselves…

When thinking of a career, we can ask ourselves these simple questions…

  • Is my career goal, MY career goal?
  • Will I enjoy my career?
  • Will my career give me a future?

What is your DREAM JOB?

  • What is your dream job?
  • What motivates you? 

Check out this Dream Job Word Cloud to discover what your motivation may be both in your pathway towards your dream job and what your dream job may look like…

Dream Job Word Cloud